Evangelina Warrior Angel,
Search for the Glory Child

In this era of fantastical beings and super heroes, let us not forget the original super heroes of the universe –  Angels. In this second installment of her saga, Evangelina, a minor angel, has been called into service as a guardian angel. She is given a very special ward, the Glory Child, Jonathan. The young boy, just two years old, is a once in a millennia gift from God to mortals and he is destined to improve the human condition. In an effort to use the child as a negotiating piece, Lucifer sends Beelzebub, a Prince of Hell, to kidnap the child. Arriving too late to thwart the demons, Evangelina chases the kidnappers across the country to the Gates of Hell. During the battles between the recently minted guardian angel and the demons that confront her, Evangelina learns her true powers as an angel.

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