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The story of Evangelina: Warrior Angel is the natural progression of the book, the Battle for Abbessi. Readers are taken on an exhilarating adventure as fledgling angel Evangelina discovers her true powers to battle the forces of darkness and protect the mortal world from evil demons. The stage is set when Lucifer, ruler of Hell, orders the kidnapping of Jonathan, the Glory Child—God’s chosen savior of humanity. 

Evangelina is charged to Earth to safeguard the child from the clutches of hordes of evil demons sent by their ruler. Each encounter is spine chilling and breathtaking as she fights her way through masses of demonic combatants. Along the way she grows into a fearless, resourceful warrior dressed in full regalia to wage breathtaking battles. 

She meets up with a cast of quirky, Earthly characters, each with their own unique personality who add much needed moments of both levity and humanity. The interplay between characters offers wit and humor, particularly Nori, a loving, yet fearless and indomitable Asian refugee who refuses to cower in her interplay with the demons of Hell. 

She stands defiant in the tooth and nail battles to save the child, even inspiring a minor demon to reject the ways of Hell. Evangelina and the gang of characters form a fearsome front in the battle to save the Glory Child.

~ Judy Berlinsky
   Editor, Sun Dog Press, ret.

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The Battle for Abbessi

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The Battle for Abbessi is an inspirational story of life and death, good and evil, heaven and hell. It will make you laugh and cry. You will find romance and revenge. It is a tale of courage in the face of defeat. 
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